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I love books.

I always have and always will and I wanted a way to share my love with everyone.

So I thought what better way to share my love than to have a t-shirt letting everyone know exactly how I feel.

It started with one t-shirt. The t-shirt that says,


Since then I have created more and have turned this desire for 1 t-shirt from a small hobby into a full business.

Print On Demand

We use local factories in the US and UK who provide a service called Print On Demand.

How it works is whenever you buy an item from our store, the order gets sent to the closest factory to you meaning that if you live in the US or UK you will only pay local delivery fees instead of higher international fees.

Also, because each item is made on demand, we don’t hold any expensive stock meaning our prices can be kept low.

We are currently trying to find more factory partners around the world so we can offer this ‘local’ service to more of our customers so more people can share their love for books with the world.