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How do I get FREE FASHION?

1. Follow us on Instagram for an instant 10% discount (Only 90% to go to free stuff!)

2. Use your discount to buy your favourite item on the store

3. When you buy your item we give you a new unique 10% discount code to share with your friends and followers

4. When your item arrives, post about it on your social media, and tell your friends about how they too can get free stuff!

5. Then for every one of your friends or followers who then buys something on the store using your unique discount code, you get a refund back for the purchase you initially made until you get all of your money back and have achieved the holy grail of FREE FASHION!

Under each item for sale on the store you will see the amount of ‘shares’ (friends and followers you need to buy something on the store using your unique discount code) you need to get to purchase that item for free!